Classical Christian schools have been called a “pearl of great price” in education: greatly valued by those who understand its potential, but largely unrecognized by those who do not. Our schools are different because they start with different goals.

Bethel Classical Academy

Christ-centered Curriculum

BCA believes that all knowledge learned must grow from a genuine biblical worldview. That means that all subjects are based on the principle that God is Creator of everything, of all things that exist and that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. Students learn that all knowledge (whether it be in math, science, history, or language arts) is interrelated, connected, and eventually points back to Him. A Christ-centered curriculum gives students a strong spiritual and moral foundation, one that helps them not be influenced by culture that goes against God’s word.

Bethel Classical Academy

Time-tested Classical Methodology

BCA uses a time-tested method designed to last a lifetime centered on truth, goodness, and beauty. Classical Christian schools use the Trivium to develop skills that allow students to be life-long learners. The trivium consists of 3 stages of learning: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. These stages are taught alongside children’s God-given strengths at each stage of development. By equipping our students with the tools, skills, and love of learning, we strive to raise lifelong learners who live to glorify God in all areas of life.

Bethel Classical Academy

Academic Excellence and Rigor

BCA has high expectations for student learning. We aim to develop thinking, articulate, and well-rounded graduates. Students of classical Christian schools experience rigorous study which develops virtue as well as deliver personal satisfaction after mastering a difficult task. Classical education continually asks a student to work against his baser inclinations in order to reach a goal. We want all students to live up to their God-given potential. Our graduates will be familiar with reading, writing, Latin, logic, math, science, rhetoric, and the fine arts resulting in knowledgeable, thoughtful, and well-spoken men and women.

Bethel Classical Academy

Dedicated and Talented Faculty

BCA has small class sizes with Faculty that live out their faith and walk with Christ daily. The staff at BCA are members of local churches and believe in the inerrancy of the Bible and that God is Sovereign. By maintaining small class sizes that promote academic excellence, our teachers have the time, the space, and the passion to provide students with a purposeful education from kindergarten to graduation. Each child is seen and loved. Our teachers know their students and are better able to serve them individually. BCA faculty seek to nurture students’ minds, souls, and hearts.

Bethel Classical Academy


By learning from and imitating faithful Christ-followers, our students are trained to have a Christ-centered perspective and approach to all of life. Our older students become role models for our younger students – in their behavior, in what they learn and how they learn. It is clear that our students are watching those who are walking ahead of them. This is the same for the adults in our school – they model Christ-like character and serve as mentors to students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Bethel Classical Academy

Nurturing Community

BCA is a community of parents and teachers who share a commitment for teaching children to love learning and growing in godliness. Students know they are loved and not just another face in the crowd. They are taught to have a deep appreciation and respect for their parents and teachers. BCA strives to partner with families to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord – to thrive in their spiritual and academic journey.