Parent Resources2023-04-12T22:43:48+00:00

Classical Education Parent Resources

“What is Classical Education?” with Christopher Perrin

Lesson 1: Where Does Classical Education Come From?2023-04-12T22:10:20+00:00
Lesson 2: What is Classical Education?2023-04-12T22:12:32+00:00
Lesson 3: Classical Education Defined2023-04-12T22:13:44+00:00

The Renewal of Classical Education with Christopher Perrin

Lesson 4: Retrieving & Renewing Truth, Goodness, and Beauty2023-04-12T22:30:11+00:00
Lesson 5: The Fruit of the Renewal of Classical Education2023-04-12T22:29:40+00:00
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